Remote Robotics at Individualized Production

Corona has changed the way we live, work and teach at RWTH. In the last months researchers at the Chair for Individualized Production (IP) have developed an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows students to remotely control robots from the comfort of their homes. This IoT platform allows us to maintain social distance while continuing close collaboration and laboratory learning.

The main challenge was to stream data from international sources and varying bandwidths in order to remotely programme the movements of a KUKA KMRiiwa. The movement of the robot was then streamed to the Autodesk Forge Cloud where students could monitor progress in real time and adapt the program if necessary. The first live worldwide experiment was successfully finished with students from the IAAC in Barcelona, Spain, learning to remotely program a robot at the IP laboratory at RWTH Aachen University. Have a look at the results! To be continued on a construction site soon…

Jun 9, 2020