CR Master - Design Driven Project

We are happy to announce the final presentation of our first year students of the new international Master of Construction & Robotics (CR). We welcome our top-class industry jury who represent the board members of the CR programme and our premium partners within RWTH Aachen Center of Construction Robotics to help choose the first student projects to be prototyped on the reference construction site on RWTH Aachen Campus West during this summer.

It is our pleasure to start coming back to normal life in our physical environment and to meet our CR students for the first time in person after a full digital semester! We are looking forward to great presentations tomorrow, good luck to everybody!

Jul 6, 2020

Remote CNC - Subtractive Manufacturing

One of the biggest goals in our online teaching this semester was to link our students to the physical environment of our workshops. Our tutors at the chair of Individualized Production at RWTH Aachen University have therefore developed several classes and new methods of remotely teaching and controlling machines such as robots and CNC milling machines via web meetings and online platforms.

In the workshop “subtractive manufacturing” which is part of our big lecture series “Individualized Production” students had to learn the theory of the fabrication of wood joints based on the famous Japanese joint systems while developing their own designs and prototypes to be produced in the wood workshop at RWTH Aachen Faculty of Architecture.

We would like to thank our 128 bachelor students for their engagement and excitement in these hard times!

Jun 26, 2020

Remote Robotics at Individualized Production

Corona has changed the way we live, work and teach at RWTH. In the last months researchers at the Chair for Individualized Production (IP) have developed an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows students to remotely control robots from the comfort of their homes. This IoT platform allows us to maintain social distance while continuing close collaboration and laboratory learning.

The main challenge was to stream data from international sources and varying bandwidths in order to remotely programme the movements of a KUKA KMRiiwa. The movement of the robot was then streamed to the Autodesk Forge Cloud where students could monitor progress in real time and adapt the program if necessary. The first live worldwide experiment was successfully finished with students from the IAAC in Barcelona, Spain, learning to remotely program a robot at the IP laboratory at RWTH Aachen University. Have a look at the results! To be continued on a construction site soon…

Jun 9, 2020


Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan presented her keynote “The Construction Site of the Future” at the second edition of VIRTUAL CORP on State-of-the-art Technologies in Urban and Spatial Planning, Architecture and Construction, which was held on the 9th of June 2020.

CORP conferences have been held annually since 1996 and are major international congresses on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society. The programme included expert lectures, round tables, workshops, business presentations, exhibitions and extensive social events. All conference papers, presentations and videos are freely available on the website

Jun 9, 2020

Reference Construction Site - Important Infrastructure for CR Master

The reference construction site of the Center Construction Robotics (CCR) on the Campus West covers 10,000 square meter. It serves as a living lab for on-site research and teaching in close proximity to the RWTH Aachen. As the most important infrastructure of Master Construction and Robotics, it is used for practice-oriented and research-led knowledge transfer.

Research is being conducted here at the construction site of the future via digitalization – from the pre-production of building elements to the automated construction site. New construction processes and products, networked machines, the implementation of robots, software solutions, as well as teaching, working and communication concepts will be tested under real construction site conditions.

Apr 7, 2020