Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan presented her keynote “The Construction Site of the Future” at the second edition of VIRTUAL CORP on State-of-the-art Technologies in Urban and Spatial Planning, Architecture and Construction, which was held on the 9th of June 2020.

CORP conferences have been held annually since 1996 and are major international congresses on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society. The programme included expert lectures, round tables, workshops, business presentations, exhibitions and extensive social events. All conference papers, presentations and videos are freely available on the website

Jun 9, 2020

Reference Construction Site - Important Infrastructure for CR Master

The reference construction site of the Center Construction Robotics (CCR) on the Campus West covers 10,000 square meter. It serves as a living lab for on-site research and teaching in close proximity to the RWTH Aachen. As the most important infrastructure of Master Construction and Robotics, it is used for practice-oriented and research-led knowledge transfer.

Research is being conducted here at the construction site of the future via digitalization – from the pre-production of building elements to the automated construction site. New construction processes and products, networked machines, the implementation of robots, software solutions, as well as teaching, working and communication concepts will be tested under real construction site conditions.

Apr 7, 2020

Important Updates about 2020 Summer Semester

Due to the Corona virus, RWTH University has released regulations to secure the health of RWTH students and staffs. According to the regulations, we would like to inform you about some updates of the coming 2020 Summer Semester.

The 2020 Summer Semester will start from 6th of April. However, we will provide all the lectures and workshops only in DIGITAL form, such as online courses, digital script, Email consultancy and so on. Only from 20th of April, the offline courses are possibly available. Please pay attention to the information in your RWTH Moodle ( We will provide you with all the news and learning materials in Moodle. To enter Moodle, you will need a VPN.

For our new Construction & Robotics master students, the above-mentioned updates applies to the CR 2020 Summer Semester as well. Detailed information about the 2020 Summer Semester courses and the instruction on course selection will be uploaded onto Moodle on 27th of March. If there are any questions, please write Email to

Mar 18, 2020

Corona Update: Staff Work from Home

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus and to prevent the spread of the disease, the staff of the IP chair have started working from home on Monday, and will continue to do so until it is safe to do otherwise.

Note that we are still reachable on our landline number +49 241 8095 005 which is currently forwarded to Ms. Steinfeld.

To reach specific members at the chair, please communicate with us via E-Mail.

Mar 16, 2020

Opening Reference Site Campus West

The reference site on Campus West in Aachen was successfully opened. Multiple construction companies, the Center Construction Robotics and institutes of the RWTH Aachen got together to initiate the research and testing area for construction and infrastructure.
More informationen can be found on

Feb 6, 2020