May 8, 2017

IP @ AEC Hackathon Munich

Here are a few snippets from our workshop at the AEC HACKATHON 2017.

Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Prof. Johannes Braumann (Founders of Robots in Architecture) presented the keynote lecture on the state-of-the-art robotic technology used in on-site construction. The talk addressed the rise and development of computational and fabrications techniques used by contemporary practice-based architects, designers, educators, students and workshop participants. The talk exhibited various products developed and in development for the betterment of future construction practices which have evolved through the collaboration between Individualized Production and today’s construction industry mavericks.

Individualized Production team, consisting of Sven Stumm and Pradeep Devadass also conducted a workshop which explored dual fabrication process on a single platform: additive and subtractive manufacturing which can be translated for large scale construction. The process was split into two stages. First, creating ruled surfaces from robotic hotwire cutting of foam. Second, 3d printing of clay on the ruled surface. The geometry to be 3d printed was projected on the ruled surface, forming a distorted intricate geometry, thereby pushing the limits of complexity. This workshop allowed the participants to integrate their ideas and play around with the number of robotics tools and systems. The workshop was demonstrated on a newly developed KUKPRC plugin on the Dynamo (Autodesk) platform by Robots in Architecture, Vienna.

Sven Stumm later presented during the course of the workshop on cloud robotics by showcasing projects developed and conducted at the Indiviudalized Production chair. The highlight of the talk included real-time control and haptic programming of robots using the Autodesk forge platform

Mar 7, 2017

Construction Robotics Workshop @ European Robotics Forum

The Construction Robotics topic group will be holding a workshop at this years European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh.

Over the last decade robotics has captured the minds of engineers, investors, and developers. With our society facing a manifold of challenges through demographic changes, growing health care costs, massive overruns in construction projects and concerns regarding build quality robotics has become the key to the future of our built environment.

As industrial robots became accessible intuitive tools for the creative industry also architects have begun returning to their technophile routes. Now the ongoing technical advances are putting large scale and on-site construction robotics and robotic facility management of the built environment and infrastructure even space colonization in our reach.

The young euRobotics topic group for Construction Robotics is organising this workshop as a panel discussion to give interested stakeholders an overview of the state of the art and create insights into the needs and next, critical steps for this new domain.

Six panelists from various backgrounds ranging from politics, end-users, education and research will discuss the hotspots within the construction sector that are most relevant for potential robotic solutions, to identify the main obstacles (technological, legal) and required consolidations/adaptation/specialisation/combination in the relevant technologies and for this new domain. The panel discussion will merge into an open round table with the audience.

As the Construction Robotics Topic Group is engaged in the preparation of the European Robotics Roadmap, the outcome of the workshop will provide further input for the roadmap.

Panelists in conversation with Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan Director for Individualized Production in Architecture RWTH Aachen University/ President of the Association for Robots in Architecture and Prof. Andreas Müller Head of the Institute of Robotics Johannes Kepler University Linz/ Austria:

  • Catherine Stihler MEP Labour MEP for Scotland
  • Ronny Andersson Head Research and Innovation Cementa AB, Prof. Lund University and Chairman of the national Strategic Innovations Program Smart Cementa AB/ Sweden
  • Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Müller Program Manager AEC, EMEA Autodesk Education Experiences (AEX)/ Germany
  • Prof. Thomas Bock Chair for Building Realisation and Robotics Technische Universität München/ Germany
  • Prof. Carlos Balaguer RoboticsLab Universidad Carlos III de Madrid/ Spain
  • Prof. Andreas Müller Head of the Institute of Robotics Johannes Kepler University Linz/ Austria
  • Prof. Marco Hutter Head of the Robotic Systems LAB at ETH Zurich and PI of NCCR Digital Fabrication (dfab), Switzerland

Participants are asked to prepare points on where they see 1) the need, 2) the obstacles, 3) the potential technological/legal/policy issues, and 4) short and medium term solutions for construction robotics

For the full programme and further information please visit the ERF homepage.

Feb 3, 2017

Digital Planning and Realisation in Steel Construction

Digitalisation is taking hold of the construction industry and steel construction is one of the leading industries in this transformation. Both BIM and Industry 4.0 are the topic for this years conference by the bauforumstahl e.V., which shows the need for interdisciplinary efforts in this endeavor. Professor Sigrid Brell-Cokcan will be speaking on the potential for individualized production that intuitive software and adaptive robotics can unlock.”

Feb 3, 2017

PhD-Position at Goldbeck

We are very happy to announce that Goldbeck is cooperating with our chair to offer a PhD-Position for the development of innovate production methods. If you are an engineer with a background in automation and are interested in applying these skills to the challenges of the construction industry this might be for you. You can find the complete job description here.

Feb 3, 2017

We are hiring – Student Assistant for Film and Photo

We are looking for a student assistant to support us with the production of high quality documentation of our research and workshops. So if you have a knack for film and photography, know your way around editing software and are looking for an opportunity to sharpen your skills on fancy robots let us know.

You can find the full details here and we look forward to hearing from you!